The Team

The team here at The Lawless Online are all dedicated young game developers, artists and programmers - passionate about games and everything about how they're made. Some of us have met through real-life, at work, friends of friends and so on but some of us have met through the wonders of the internet and in the dark and slightly damp corners of amazing places such as Newgrounds!

Hi, I'm Jack! As you could probably tell from the words above. I'm the Creative Director, which means I oversee all the art assets of the game and make sure that everything that is made fits the desired aesthetics. This job means I have to be involved with every aspect - Modelling, texturing, animating, graphic design and all the other little bits and pieces. 
I have been playing games since... Forever. Started with the Sega Mega Drive and moved to PC gaming when my Dad brought home a mind blowing game - Doom.
I studied Animation at Staffordshire University and have always known I wanted to develop games. I used to spend hours drawing and colouring in blank "Big Box" cases (that games used to come in) and told myself that as soon as I could make them, I would.

The sort of games that I love to play are actually, mostly first person-shooters, but when I have strayed into RPGs or Strategies, I absolutely fall in love with them... Such as the Diablo series and Company of Heroes / Age of Empires etc. etc.
I'm a huge fan of the whole Western aesthetic and I can't get enough of the (good) Western films out there, especially as 'The Western' is coming back with some greats like True Grit.
Anyway yes, I quite like bananas but I don't eat them enough.

My name is Philip Roozendaal, I started programming on my own, and I wasn't able to stop ever since.
I have been programming for about 4 years now in multiple programming languages, such as C/C#/C++ and Java, I have always had a passion for games, and though I have worked on many systems, applications and small games before, this is my first actual commercial game project. For this project I am the lead programmer, meaning that I will be in charge of programming this entire game and all it's extensive tools such as the level editor.
Normally I play games that are a bit more medieval themed, or just have a certain dark atmosphere to them. My favourite games would be Final Fantasy VIII, Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger.
I have high hopes for this project, the idea is well thought of, and contains some real nice innovative ideas and the assets that are being created look amazing. I also hope to get a little profit out of this project and be able to buy some nice things for once haha.

I quite like bananas but I don't eat them enough... Wait, that's too unoriginal, how about apples? I like apples :)

Hello, I'm Joe Burns, I've been writing music for around 10 years but this is the first big game project I've created a soundtrack for.
I am a child of the fourth generation of games consoles, my first (and still to this day favourite( game was Metal Gear Solid on the PS1. From the moment i saw the trailer on 'Demo One' it completely blew my 10 year old mind!
I have quite eclectic tastes in games and my library varies between bonkers left-field mini game compilation 'Bishi Bash' to mainstream classics 'Half-Life' and 'FFVII'.
This project has been exciting from the moment Jack first told me about it, I hope people take to it because I can see how much work has been put in. It's definitely a labour of love and I'm psyched to be involved!

My name is Rory Tatton, I haven't said anything yet!