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What is The Lawless Online?

The Lawless Online is a free, Role-Playing Strategy game set in the Old West. The game uses a combination of a social-orientated website which will be found at and a downloadable game client. From the website players can create characters, spend XP points and upgrade Skills & Masteries that will be applied to their units in-game.

The game uses pre-rendered 3D sprites to make sure that it runs fast on computers of all specifications and can be downloaded reasonably fast in comparison to most modern games.

When is will The Lawless Online be released?

The Lawless Online is due to be released Spring 2013.

Why are we making The Lawless Online?

The team behind The Lawless Online are deadset on producing a game that is free and isn't full of paid DLC, subscription fees and microtransactions. We all love games of old where the whole design ethic was to make a game as awesome as possible and money was just an after thought, but we're all tired of having to fork out small fortunes for game elements that should be in the game in the first place.

It is also a combination of years of learning and experience combined into one project that reflects all of our skills.

How are you making The Lawless Online?

The Lawless Online is built using a 3D software package called Maya. We model, texture and render all the in-game assets in this program and then composite them using Photoshop. This creates a 3D aesthetic with the processor demands of just a 2D engine.

The process is explained in this video:

The game engine is also built in Java. This is another accessibility decision that means that anyone can play the game, including Mac users.

The coding process is explained in this video:

Who are we?

The Lawless Online is being developed by a very small development team. It consists of an Artist named Jack Bromhead and a Java programmer Philip Roozendaal. We also frequently work with a graphic designer named Rory Tatton and music is produced by Joseph Burns. We all work from home but the Lawless HQ is based in England - South-West of London.

Check out the link below for information on the team:

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Art Director-
Jack Bromhead

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