Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Programmers Wanted!

Hello again, two posts one day. Nice.

The team at The Lawless Online are looking for a dedicated programmer to join. We're looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic, team-player programmer who would like to work on an exciting new project, The Lawless Online.

This position will be responsible for working on the game engine itself, building a modular-structured strategy game engine from the ground up. The programmer in this position must be able to swim when thrown in the deep-end (figuratively... Maybe) and can communicate well with other team members, as they will be working closely with the Art team and the Web Developers.

If you have:

- Strong Java coding skills
- Passion for games
- Strong set of previous examples of work (professional or hobbyist)

Advantageous skills:

- Knowledge of SQL/noSQL
- Web development
- Previous experience

Anyway, if you think you might have the skills to join up. E-mail me, Jack, at jack@thelawlessonline.com and we will discuss the project in more detail.

Jack Bromhead
Director / Art Director

Opening of the DevBlog!


So I've decided to open up the Developers Blog a lot sooner than I had planned. I have done this for several reasons, most of which I don't really understand myself, but one of which is important. It's by far the easiest way for people to see the standard of work being produced. I'm currently look for some programmer(s) to join the team and there's no better place for them to see the vision of the project, than here.

In the next few days I will be uploaded a few snapshots of some of the 3D assets available. If you happen to be a programmer with strong Java skills then please do not hesitate to contact me, Jack, at jack@thelawlessonline.com and I can divulge more information.

If you're just interested in the project, keep coming back because the next few days, I will be filling this more and more with content and project descriptions.

As a first blog post, it's quite skimpy, but it does the job. Important lesson there... I'm sure I'll be back on here soon enough!

Director/Art Director